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Use your brain as mouse control (with EPOC by Emotiv)

Can you imagine that there is an easier way to control the mouse, than with your head? The answer could be: With your mind.
Electroencephalography (EEG) was already established in 1924. In the past it was used mainly for medical reasons. But now you can also use this technology, to control your computer.

Emotiv EPOC

Emotiv has developed a Neuroheadset called EPOC. It reads your brainwaves and on this ground it is able to detect your current feelings like boredom, frustration, meditation and excitement. Your mind sends also certain signal patterns when your face is showing facial expressions. So EPOC can detect facial expressions like smiling, lowering and raising your eyebrows, clenching your teeths or blinking your eyes. This is quite similar to the facial expression detection, which is provided by Kinect for Windows SDK. Furthermore EPOC has a Gyroscope, which recognizes your head movement very accurate. So we developed a version of our mouse control especially for EPOC.

Neuro Mousecontrol

You can replace your mouse with Emotiv EPOC, the revolutionary brain computer interface. Within Emotiv Control Panel there is already a Mouse Emulator which uses the EPOC Gyroscope to control the cursor of your mouse. EmoKey, an app developed by Emotiv, provides basic functionality for clicking by using EPOC, but this method has several disadvantages:

  • In EmoKey clicks are sometimes not executed correctly in special kinds of application windows.
  • It is not possible to send a scroll command with EmoKey.

Neuro Mousecontrol sends mouseclicks directly to the operating system, independent from the currently active application window. Also it is possible to scroll or drag & drop, which is not possible with EmoKey.

Our app is the easiest way to replace your mouse with EPOC.

Neuro Mousecontrol is available at EmoStore, the app store by Emotiv:

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  1. Francisco

    Any chance of a video demonstrating this please?

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