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App update: Move the mouse cursor just with your thoughts

A month ago we released an application which was able to execute mouse actions like clicking or scrolling with the help of your mind using Emotiv EPOC. It used a Gyroscope to control the mouse cursor. Now we have released a new major version with a significant new feature:

If you want, you can do everything, really everything, just with your mind and your thoughts. No Gyroscope and no mouse is needed anymore. Besides the Expressiv Data which EPOC is delivering (explained in our old article), EPOC also recognizes cognitiv thoughts which can be mapped to four different directions. At the beginning this is not really easy: You have really to concentrate and train a lot so that EPOC can distinguish the different direction thoughts in your mind correctly.

But if you have done that: You can move the mouse cursor just by your thoughts.

To be honest: Moving the cursor is still easier with the gyroscope, but if one is really good at controlling his cognitiv thoughts with EPOC or is not able to move his head: Our updated Neuro Mousecontrol may help.

Neuro Mousecontrol is available at EmoStore, the app store by Emotiv:

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