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White noise: An idea to defend privat sphere against XKeyscore

One of Edward Snowdens most important leaks was about XKeyscore. A software which allows intelligence services to grab and analyse the whole internet traffic. NSA analysts can see mostly everything of the whole Internet activity by grabbing data directly from important Internet nodes. E-Mails, search queries and private messages. Nothing is safe from NSA and its partners.

In the last weeks many people were frightened about that issue as the data analysis works out of legal borders of consitutional law. No judicial orders were needed for grabbing and analysing that data. This way a basic principle of modern democracies was bypassed: Separation of powers between judiciary and executive.

The good thing: People started fighting against this attack touching civil rights by encrypting their Mails, Messages, using Tor and informing about cryptographie techniques like PGP for example.

But this is not enough: Many people are still not aware of the issues a surveillance society has or are not willing to defend themself against this kind of total control as it is sometimes still complicated and not easy enough to use cryptography and surf anonymously through the internet.

Another idea to defend civil rights and to show civil disobedience against these anti democratic programs like XKeyscore might be interfering Signals that XKeyscore just receives white noise:

The idea behind that is as follows:

NSA is using data mining techniques to filter out interesting stuff from Internet communication. They are interested in if people are communicating about evil stuff by filtering keywords, or if one is communicating with wrong and evil people. The side effect: They know almost everything one might send over the internet.  If we want to stop them spying out our private lifes, we have to disturb their eavesdropping techniques. This would be possible by sending lots of interfering signals all around the internet.

If lots of people start creating fake identities (for example mail and social network accounts) all over the internet and also every of this fake indentities is starting to communicate normal and also evil stuff to other fake identities, as well as to real people, maybe we can manage it to make XKeyscore absolutely useless. Lets set up mails, messages and search queries, the NSA might find interesting. If enough people are using and faking internet identities this way, the NSA will receive nothing but white noise with XKeyscore, as they cannot distuinguish between real and fake communication.

At this point you may note, that this would be a high manual effort for everyone, which want to be part of that protest. There is no need for that, if we can use intelligent botting techniques. If we can implement some softwares which are creating fake identities for themself and are communicating over the internet like real persons, one has just to install such a software on a home PC. And the best thing is: No one has to do something illegal. It is not illegal to create fake identities and it is also not illegal to let these fake identities communicate. So let us make XKeyscore receiving just white noise! Let us reclaim privat sphere!

Let’s discuss about that topic: Do you think that this is a good idea or is it complete bullshit? Would it be worth the effort to implement such bots or is it useless in your opinion? Or do you have better ideas? Spread the word, if you like it!